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Obviously we all want books for the holidays, but I did some research and found some other “bookish gifts” that I thought would be interesting, and fun to buy for your family, friends, or maybe even for yourself! (It doesn’t hurt to casually show a loved one this post, hinting at anything you may want from this list).

I will also try my best to provide the links to where you can purchase these gifts.

I love books, but I also love things that reminds me of books, so here are a couple that I really am interested in and I hope you like them too!:


This is a shirt that has been on the Bookriot site for quite some time now, and I want. SO BAD. It’s super cute, it looks really comfy and it just gives me this awesome nostaligic feeling for the days when we had to get our library catalog cards stamped, remember that? Anyone?

This one is a little more expensive (in my book) At $28, but you can find it here


Literary candles are the new cool thing. I am obsessed with these, I don’t have one but who wouldn’t want their home to smell like a library? This picture shows the Tolstoy candle, but there are many others here. The candles start at $21 dollars and go down from there.


I want these earrings so bad! They are on my Christmas list for sure. Quotation mark earrings are subtle, yet tell the world “I love words.” These earrings range from $18-$24, and can be found here.


This gift is for the little one in your life. I want to get this shirt for my son, because Goodnight Moon has been one of his favorite books since day one. I also found this on Book Riot, where they have a ton of awesome kids bookish shirts. This one is $20 and you can find it here.


For the person in your life that loves hot beverages, we have some literary coffee mugs! These are the cutest coffee mugs ever, and they are here. They cost around $15, each.


If you are looking for some literary home decor, right here we have some gorgeous classic book pillows. LOVE THESE. Why not snuggle up with a good book, while laying on a good book? You can find these here, and they are around $17.


This is a great gift for the “Fangirl” in your life. These miniature book necklaces are made to order, and you can choose from a variaty of books. The cost is pretty cheap, and they are hand made. So cute. You can find these little book charms here, and they cost $9.20.


Library card coast set, OMG SO CUTE! I think these are a little steep at $18 for four coasters, but for the serious literary fan, they would be a great addition to your home. You can find these here.


These socks are the PERFECT gift for the person in your life who loves The Wizard of Oz, like I do. I am still trying to find where to buy these, but when I do I will link it here.


How about a bookish phone case to tell the world you’d rather be reading? This one is gorgeous, and it is about $25. You can find it here


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