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The Victim


The Victim by Eric Matheny was a twist between Grand Theft Auto and a legal television show. Not that there were crazy car chases or hookers in the book, but just the feel of it was very dark and not to mention the story begins with a flaming car accident. After the accident, the story shoots to the future where we meet Anton Mackey, who lives in Florida and is a husband, father and lawyer.

Anton is the type of guy that is always working, he has to find time between doing his job duties, and living his family life. When he gets a new client, things start to get a little bit more complicated for Anton. The past starts to unravel itself, and he becomes intertwined with things he thought were long forgotten. With snippets of the legal side of Anton, and flashbacks to what could possibly have consumed his darkest thoughts so much, you really get a feel for the kind of person Anton is, and why he became who he is now.

This book is very rich in the legal system of Florida, so if you like court shows, and legal dramas, you will enjoy this book a lot. I personally don’t mind watching shows about lawyers, so this book was really interesting to me. I always want to know what people are thinking, and why they do what they do, so this book is a great example of that type of writing. One thing that really bugged me about this book was the main character, Anton. He wasn’t really likable at all, which can be alright in some instances, but I felt like I really wanted to like him, it just wasn’t quite there for me.

Overall, I really thought this book was very well written, detailed, and the way it was written made it feel very real to me. The story is unique, it’s powerful, and it will have you on the edge of your seat at some points. I enjoyed this book, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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