The Secrets We Kept


From author Lily Velez, comes a new book about the secrets we have and the relationships we lose called The Secrets We Kept.

Cadence and Sully were together, but due to an adoption and a move to a different state, they no longer see each other. When Cadence comes back to town, Sully realizes that she isn’t the girl that he remembers, and he soon finds out that she has more secrets than he could ever think possible.

Cadence starts to have feelings for Sully again, but unfortunately she is troubled because she doesn’t want to let him into her life once again, just to be hurt. This book is an emotional peek into a relationship that was broken, but wants to become mended once again. This book will have you smiling, laughing, crying and mad all in the same chapter. If you like sweet, moving, YA books, I really think that this is a book for you.

I really liked how emotionally driven these two characters were, their stories really made me feel like I was feeling the emotions with them and it was a bumpy ride. Cadence is a likable girl, who seems lost but is soon finding herself, even if its not in the way she thought she was going to in the beginning.

This book gets 4 out of 5 stars from me, it was a sweet tale, but it left me wanting something else, maybe a sequel?


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