Laguna Lights


Laguna Lights by Kaira Rouda is the third book in the Laguna Nights series. If you have watched the show Laguna Beach, you are already on your way to knowing about the people in these books, and the drama that is in store. Meet Laura Kinkaid, who is the gorgeous beach beauty from Laguna Beach. She’s also the star of a television series documenting her life (familiar right?) After her and her boyfriend, Scott, break up, she decides to head back home for some rest and relaxation.

When she goes home, she has a lot to think about. Does she really want to continue doing this television thing? The one she doesn’t even know is her dream anymore? Or does she want to try and settle down in Laguna Beach with someone that doesn’t care so much for the spotlight?

After a chance meeting with a new guy Laura starts a whirlwind romance that might take her back to her roots. If you like books that are fast paced, entertaining and filled with drama these are the books for you. The other books in the series are Laguna Nights (Book 1) and Laguna Heights (Book 2).

Though this book was pretty good, and I did read the other two first before reviewing this, I had a hard time connecting with these characters because they so closely resembled the characters that I already watched on the show Laguna Beach. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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