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What Was Mine


What Was Mine is a book by Helen Klein Ross that is a mix between a thriller and literary fiction. It’s not really a thriller in the sense that you don’t know who did the bad deed, because it is pretty evident from the very first chapter, but it’s a thriller in the sense that you don’t know if that person is going to get caught. Everything in this book is written as if the event already happened, and it is now twenty years later. Another thing that I absolutely loved about this book was that it gave a perspective from pretty much every single character in the novel.

After many years of trying to get pregnant with her husband, one day Lucy Wakefield does the unthinkable. She takes a baby from the cart of another woman in an Ikea store. To cover up what she had done, she told everyone that she adopted this baby from someone in Kansas who happened to be a teenager who wanted nothing to do with the baby.

The baby’s real parents are devastated and eventually divorce because they can’t get their life back together after the kidnapping of their four month old daughter. Twenty years after the abduction, Lucy’s daughter Mia, who used to be Natalie, finds out the truth behind her upbringing, and eventually she meets her real mother. When Lucy finds out what her daughter has been up to, she flees to China to escape being arrested.

This book tore me up, from everyones perspective you get a really good grip on what happened in this girl’s life. From her baby sitter, to her teacher and from the perspective of Lucy and even Mia’s birth mom, the tale is spun and it keeps getting more and more interesting as the pages turn.

I requested this book from the publisher, and they were kind enough to send me a copy. This book was one of the better ones that I have read in a while, it was so intricate and well written. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into more of Ross’ work. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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