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Caskets From Costco


Though this is a book about grief, and how to deal with loss in your life, it’s actually a very funny book. I appreciate a book that can take something as sad as losing a loved one, and show it in a lighter way. Caskets from Costco by Kelly Wilson is a book that taught me a lot about grief, and it also taught me how to smile through the hard times.

I loved the fact that this book made me laugh. This is a book about how we deal with death, when it comes to someone near and dear to our hearts. I found myself laughing out loud at some points in this book, and I also found myself thinking almost the same things as the author. For example, she wondered if her deceased father in law could see her getting out of the shower naked from the other side. I have actually always wondered the same thing about my deceased loved ones, and I always hoped that if they could see me doing embarrassing things like that, or going to the bathroom, that they would just kindly avert their eyes.

This book was filled with good advice about how to deal with grief, and losing your family members, but it gave that advice in a way that wasn’t harsh or hard to read. The way that Kelly tells the stories in this book really had me laughing and crying right along with her, she is a master story teller. This book is well written, and it shows how we all come to terms with things differently, and sometimes we need a little laughter to help us heal. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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