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This little book right here, Underwater, by Marisa Reichardt, had me reeling from the very first page. The similarities between the main character, Morgan, and myself were astounding. Though we don’t have the same type of anxieties, we are both entangled so tightly in our own that it’s hard to escape. Morgan is a girl with a mental illness, she can’t leave her house, after a terrible thing happened at her high school. A boy she knew shot up the school, killing some of her other classmates and teachers, and wounding others.

Ever since that day, Morgan can’t get herself to take one single step out of the comfort of her apartment. Going to school online is a struggle for her, but it beats getting out and going to school with other students again. She’s alone, all of her friends have sort of forgotten about her since she she is never able to go out and do anything with anyone. Though, she does have a therapist, who she sees twice a week, she doesn’t think it’s helping much.

The one person to pull her out of her shell is the new boy that moved in next door, Evan. Evan moved from Hawaii with his mom, after she needed a break from the island life, and from Evan’s dad. He seems like a really nice guy, and he comes over to hang out with Morgan and her little brother quite often. She starts to have feelings for him, and when she lets him into her mind, he doesn’t run away, he wants to help.

Evan may be the only person that possesses the key to getting Morgan out of her own mind, and out into the world again. When she reveals some things about what really happened the day the school massacre happened, she may not only be forgiving the boy who did it, but also herself.

I honestly loved this book, it portrayed mental illness SO well, and it really gave me hope, because it showed that not everyone is afraid of people who have mental issues, some people really do want to help you get better. I loved this book, and I believe it deserves 5 out of 5 stars. A very real, raw, account of a girl who feelings like she’s sinking.

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