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My Second Life


Although this book seemed to be really short and simple, it had a really deep meaning and was very soulful. My Second Life by Faye Bird is the story of a girl who knows that she has lived before, and after seeing someone that was very prevalent in her past life, she remembers that she did something very very wrong, and believes she’s back on Earth again to redeem her soul.

I flew through this book, I don’t know if it’s short or not, it was an e-book that I received from Netgalley, so I don’t know how many pages it was, but it seemed like I got done with it very quickly. I started it in the morning and was done by 8 p.m. Even though it was a quick read, it was a really good story with a LOT of depth to it. In the pages of this book, we meet Ana who is almost 16 years old. She has always known that this is her second life on Earth, but she has never told anyone who she used to be. That is until she sees someone in the hospital, Frances, that was a big part of her past life.

Frances had a daughter, who Ana believed was her friend from before. Before, when she was Emma. It seems like she can’t stop herself from telling Frances who she is, and how she may have been involved in Frances’ daughters death.

I really enjoyed how this book just didn’t slow down, and it didn’t give you a second to catch your breath after hearing new information, it was such a rollercoaster, one that I didn’t want to stop riding. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was definitely a great way to begin the new  year, and I think that this is a book that anyone could enjoy.

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