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Wow. That’s the first word that comes to my mind after reading this book, Misled by Annie Miles. Not only is this book filled with deceit, lies, obsession and desire, it’s also a true story. The name Annie Miles is a pseudonym for the woman who actually went through all of the things that she writes about in this book.

Annie’s mother, Diana, falls for the high school boy Daniel, that Annie also has a crush on. Her mother seems to kind of lure the two together, and Annie and Daniel begin a relationship. Though the two teenagers are dating, Diana dreams of being with Daniel herself. It seems that Diana orchestrates everything that happens between Annie and Daniel, and they eventually get married.

When Annie and her husbands world starts to unravel, she finds letters written between her mother and Daniel, and these levels are not with in the scope of motherly love. She realizes that Diana has been manipulating everything she thought she had worked for on her own, and she is devastated that her own mother could mislead her this way.

Twenty years later, Annie is taking care of her mother because of the dementia that has taken over her life. Now, Annie has to figure out how to let go of all that hurt, and how to overcome it despite the pain that her mother put her through all those years ago.

Though this book is based on a true story, some parts were unbelievable! Not in the sense that I thought they were fake, but because of all of the crazy things Annie’s mother did to her. It was messed up, and I think that this would make a good movie one day. I enjoyed this book, and it made me thankful for the mother that I have, even though we have our differences. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I was sent this book through the Pump up your books blog tour site:



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