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Natalie’s Getting Married

Natalies Getting Married Cover

I was approached by the author of Natalie’s Getting Married Rosa Temple, she asked if I would like to review her new book, and of course I jumped at the chance because it sounded like the type of book that I would love. Well, it was, and I am so excited to tell you about it. I have one word for this book, delicious. Okay, maybe two, deliciously charming. Do you need a new romance book to curl up with? If you do, I really advise you to check this book out.

Natalie is a girl who has never fallen in love easily, guys have never been a big deal to her, and she has always been focused on school and work. That is until she meets Jackson at college, who is probably the most beautiful man she has ever seen. She becomes head over heels for the stud the very moment she lays eyes on him. This begins a whirlwind relationship that ends down the aisle, when Jackson decides he may not be ready for marriage.

That’s when Natalie realizes that Jackson may not be the love of her life after all, and she sets her eyes on someone who has been there for her the whole time she was with Jackson, every time that she needed someone to listen or to vent to. In true romantic comedy spirit, the love in this book will make your heart race. I thought this book was right up there with Bridget Jones’ Diary and the Shopaholic series. Quite hilarious and filled with romance. Definitely a great summer read out by the pool, or a wonderful book to curl up with this winter with a cup of coffee and a blanket.

Thank you so much Rosa, for sending me a copy. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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