The Passing of Each Perfect Moment


As you may know, I am a huge fan of mystery books, so when I read the synopsis of The Passing of Each Perfect Moment by Kenneth Preston, on Facebook, I had a feeling that I would be very intrigued by this book. It’s considered science fiction as well as mystery, so it was right up my genre alley. Plus, you know that I love a good genre bender!

First, we meet Emily, when she wakes up in her dorm room, and everyone has seemingly disappeared. There is not a soul in sight, when she looks out the window she sees nothing, there is no activity what so ever. Eventually she finds out that everyone in the entire world has gone to the future, while she is left behind.

When she finally gets to this future that everyone else has become accustomed to, she doesn’t see the world that she left behind. She sees a utopian society, where there is almost no death because scientists have figured out how to stop it, and everyone in the world is fed and there is no more poverty. Sounds great right? Well, Emily soon realizes that this whole utopia may be a facade for something more sinister, and she has to figure out the real reason, and the real people, behind the whole charade. She realizes that maybe her staying in the past wasn’t an accident, and there may be more to her than meets the eye. She may even have to go beyond our galaxy to solve the mystery.

The first chapter of this book had me at first frustrated, because it seemed like there were just so many details and I was thinking to myself, why do we need to know this? Then I realized that all those details weren’t an accident, and they actually help set the scene for later on in the book, which was really cool. After the frustration was over, I started to get really into the story, and the details just painted the picture so well. I was captivated by the entire book, and really enjoyed the plot. It was a little bit far for my brain to reach at times, but once I let my mind wander into the world of this novel, it really paid off. I liked this book a lot, I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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