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The Stream- Kids Book Review


The Stream A Seashell Meditation for Children by Patricia May, is a wonderful, relaxing, and colorful experience for kids. To be honest, I even enjoyed the book as an adult. This book comes with a seashell, which helps in the meditation process.

This book is filled with beautiful colored pictures, and guided meditation for relaxation and calm. Your journey starts on the water, and continues through the woods, forest, caves, past waterfalls and beautiful fireflies. This book is the ultimate in relaxation for children and adults alike.

This is definitely a book for older children, as I tried to read it with my two and a half year old and he was a little bit confused about what we were doing. I think this would be easier for the four and up crowd, if your child needs a calm and relaxing experience, definitely have them look at this book, it is gorgeous and fun to read.

I loved this book and it’s magical illustrations. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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