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If I Run


Casey Cox says she didn’t kill her best friend Brent, but since her DNA is all over the crime scene, where Brent’s dead body is laying, she figures she is going to be the number one suspect in his death. She has to run away, she has to get lost before anyone can find her and put her in jail for a crime that she swears she didn’t do.

Being 25, and popular, Casey does not fit the description of a killer, but that doesn’t mean that the police will think that she’s not guilty of such a terrible crime. Her past may come back to haunt her, but she is going to try her damnedest to not let it!

Dylan, an army veteran turned private investigator has been hired to find Casey, police have a good idea where she started out, but now they have to link the missing pieces together to find her and bring her home so that Brent and his family can receive justice for his death. It seems like it doesn’t matter which way the investigators look at the crime scene, the details just aren’t adding up. Did Casey actually do the crime? If not, why are her footprints and finger prints in the room? Where did Casey go? And if she didn’t have anything to do with the murder, why did she run?

The intertwined narratives of these two characters is unique, and interesting. I have never read a Terri Blackstock novel before, but I am happy that I read If I Run, because it was heart racing, action packed, and intense.

If you want to watch a video of Terri talking about this book check it out here. This book comes out February 16, and I really think anyone who likes a good thriller, suspense novel should go pick it up! I give this 4 out of 5 stars.


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