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Time to Say Goodbye


Usually, books about death and dying freak me out. This one, Time to Say Goodbye by S.D. Robertson actually gave me the opposite effect. It gave me hope, renewed my faith and made me feel like there is more to look forward to on the other side of life than just an empty space. I received this book for review from Netgalley and it is available for purchase on February 11, 2016.

When a father dies after a horrible bike accident, where he was hit head on by a car, he leaves his 6 year old daughter an orphan. This isn’t the daughter Ella’s story, it’s the man’s story, from his point of view. After he passes away, he doesn’t understand why he can’t touch anyone, and no one can hear him. He soon learns that he is in between life and death, and he has some time to decide if he wants to move on to Heaven, or if he wants to stay in the in between. This story chronicles his journey of trying to find a way to connect with his daughter again, for her to know that he’s still there for her, but also his choice of whether he wants to go to Heaven where it may be a long time until he can see her again, or if he wants to stay in the in between just so he can watch her grow.

Any parent is going to find this to be a heart wrenching book, I for one had tears in my eyes from almost the very first chapter. I felt for this man, he really was torn up about leaving his daughter, and breaking his promise to her that he would never leave her. Soon, though I felt refreshed because he wasn’t going to give up on trying to make sure she knew that he was still there. It was just a really sweet story about the lengths a person will go to, so that their loved ones know they are watching out for them.

Besides the fact that this is a really emotional book, it was quite easy to read. The pages flew by, and it just flowed so well. I really enjoyed this book, it made me feel all types of things. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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