You & Me


If you are looking for a short and sweet, yet steamy romance story, don’t miss You & Me by one of my favorites, Stephanie Kepke. This is the perfect little story for Valentine’s day, and I promise you will be intrigued and begging for more once you finish it. This is just a short story, but it’s so well detailed and fun to read, plus the romance gets hot and heavy pretty dang quick.

Alex Spencer has been in a love rut since she got out of an emotionally abusive relationship with her daughter Josie’s father. Now, Josie is a teenager and sort of doesn’t really like to hang around or talk to her mom much, so Alex feels left out of her life. Feeling lonely conjures up memories of when Alex was a teenager, and when she was dating the man she loved so much, Billy.

The memories make her nostalgic, yet optimistic, if only she could find Billy anywhere in the universe, he seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Until one day she receives a pack of candy hearts in the mail, she knows they are from Billy because he used to send them every year, it seems more than a coincidence that he’s showing back up in her life after all these years.

Once she sees those hearts she’s determined to find Billy once again, and maybe her daughter can even help her in her quest. Filled with lots of sweet love and strong characters, this book is just the ticket to having a lovely Valentine’s day.

I am actually a little torn between giving this a 4 star rating and a 5 star rating. The reason for that is I really want more of this book, the writing was wonderful and the story took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I will go in the middle and say 4.5 stars. Which may be my first one ever on this blog.


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