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Devlin’s Door



This book was a wild ride filled with fairies, magic and so much more. Devlin’s Door written by K. Kibbee is a mysterious and spooky tale about a girl trying to run away from home, but finding something even more sinister and other worldly with in the walls of an abandoned house.

Anne is sent to stay with some family members that she doesn’t know all that much about, who live in Washington. She’s not very excited to stay with them, and feels like her life is going to be rather boring from here on out. Of course, this is typical pre-teen or teenaged “whoa is me” type of attitude, but you do start to feel a little bit bad for Anne because her family seems to be really terrible and annoying. She makes up a plan to escape from the house, because she just can’t take it anymore, but her cousins tells her about a town that’s hidden in the woods, and in that town there is a house that holds many secrets.

Of course this intrigues Anne, because she has been waiting for something good to happen lately, so she ventures to the abandoned house and discovers that through a hole in the floor, lies a world filled with scary things, things that she would never have dreamed of seeing. When she finds out the truth behind the house and the under world she is in for a huge shock.

This book was an okay read for me, I thought it started out pretty interesting, and I really liked it, but as the book went on I felt myself losing interest, because for some reason I just felt like I had read it before. In movies like The Messengers, it just felt kind of played out. Though I think that if you are looking for a little spooky read, this could be right up your alley. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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