Rainbow Readathon Wrap-up


It is time once again to talk about another readathon, this one was the Rainbow Readathon 2.0, which I discussed here.

Here was my TBR list:


I started out reading the purple book first, and worked my way down to the red. I did this because I really wanted to read Left Neglected by Lisa Genova and I wasn’t sure how much reading I was actually going to be able to get done. Surprisingly, I finished every one of these books and liked most all of them some of them I really loved, some of them I thought were just decent. All in all I would say this readathon was a total win for me.

First I read The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel


This was the story of a woman who’s grandmother is suffering from Alzheimers. In a lucid moment, her grandma tells her that she has family that survived the Holocaust and she is asked to find the family. The journey to find the family is sweet and beautiful. I really liked this book, I thought the writing was phenomenal and the story was deep and meaningful.

Next I read Left Neglected by Lisa Genova


This is a book that I have wanted to read for many many years, just never really got around to it. I thought this was a really powerful book, and it was interesting to learn about what Left Neglect is, how it affects people, and how we take our lives for granted. Definitely check this one out!

Then came my green book which was Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin


Sigh. Emily Giffin books are always a hit or miss for me. Either I really really love them, or I really really hate them. This one was a really hate, it was SO BORING. Ugh. I was hoping that I would enjoy this one like I loved Something Borrowed, but it fell in the pile with The One and Only which I also hated. Luckily this was the only one that I really didn’t enjoy.

Then came yellow, which was The Mermaid of Brooklyn by Amy Shearn


I had never heard of this book before I saw it on Bookoutlet. I picked it up because it sounded really good, and it was actually alright. I found myself really identifying with time main character, Jenny, in this book. She’s a stay at home mom, and most everything that she felt or said is something that I have felt or said myself. I just thought there were moments when it was really long winded, and also got boring.

The next book was orange, Mosquitoland by David Arnold


This book was interesting, for different reasons. First, Mim the main character was very very outspoken and bigger than life. Part of me didn’t like this about her, maybe because of my age. If I had been younger, I probably would have found her to be my hero. I also liked this book because of the format that it’s written.

And finally my red book, Her by Harriet Lane


This is a strange strange tale. One of those books that you have to read all of it to fully understand what in the world is going on. I liked it, it was super creepy.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Readathon Wrap-up

  1. Wow you did really well for Rainbowthon! I didn’t do so well, I only read one book – Illuminae, and half of Shatter Me which I did not enjoy! (p.s. you spelt rainbow wrong in the title <3).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just noticed that when I got the notification of your comment! Lol thank yo so much for letting me know. I fixed it now.

      How was Illuminae? I have been thinking about reading that book for a while.

      I also didn’t enjoy Shatter Me, I read the first couple of chapters and was just like nope…lol. What other books were on your list?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah yeah I am pleased I have found other people who didn’t like Shatter Me! You have to read Illuminae!! I picked it up as I had heard great things and it massively exceeded my expectations, you will love it! The Darkest Part of the Forest was my third book (my TBR was only 3 books) which I read 48 pages of and really enjoyed but I got ill half way though the week so just ended up sleeping and watching netflicks haha.


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