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The House of York


The House of York by Terry Tyler is an epic family sage spanning through out many years. The writing in this book makes you feel as if you are a part of this world, and the characters are so real and vivid, you would swear you know them personally. One of the reasons I love stories like this one, is that they make you feel like you are watching a soap opera, and you can get fully immersed in the characters lives, and its almost as if they become part of you.

Lisa Grey is one of the main people in this book, she’s very interesting because she’s so real and insightful, but she also shares a gift of knowing certain things, just like her mother. She doesn’t act on those things, though her mother is considered a witch. It seems like she doesn’t really want this gift, or really knows what to make of it. Lisa marries Elias York who has quite a peculiar family.

Each chapter int his book gives a different perspective from a different character, which creates a nice touch because you can start to understand everyones personalities and get their sides of the story.

This story is hard to summarize, because once you become fully immersed in the world, you sort of lose yourself in the words and realize that you are just going along with the story, and not really giving thought to much else. I was reading this book for a while, and I simply felt like I was watching a movie, it is so rich with detail that makes it come to life. It is an incredible family drama, that will make you fall in love, piss you off, get you asking questions, and you will also receive a history lesson all at once. I really thought this book was exceptional, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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