Exodus in Confluence- Short Story


For a short story (about 80 pages), this was a huge whopper of a tale. Exodus in Confluence by Bryant A. Loney, who by the way is EIGHTEEN years old, is a zombie apocalypse book that is told over the air waves from the perspective Stephen Hart, a 17 year old who has fought for his love for the past almost six months of hell on Earth. This is the second book of Loney’s I have ever read, the first being To Hear The Ocean Sigh, which I reviewed here.

After his temporary home and safe haven has been almost taken over by a horde of hungry zombies, Stephen decides it’s time to tell his story to anyone that will listen, if anyone is listening. This book depicts his story, the story of how he became who he is, in hopes that people won’t think he’s as bad as he’s acted.

At times, this book was sort of hard to read, it felt like it dragged on a little bit. Though, it picked up after the first 1o or so pages, and it really got going and got really interesting. Plus, the story got to be quite stressful, which made it a little bit hard to read as well. It was so intense and created a nice visual touch to the environment.

I read this book in about an hour, and I did like it. I am not the hugest fan of short stories because I always feel like they leave you wanting more. This one was wrapped up very well, and it was suspenseful in all the right places. This book gets 4 out of 5 stars for me, great job again Mr. Loney!


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