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The Average Girl


The Average Girl by Angelina Goode is a hilariously fun, star studded book. From the minute I opened the first page, I was immersed in the world of celebrities and all the fun that comes along with them. Olivia started a business helping average people meet the celebrity of their dreams, but she makes it seem like the meeting was just by chance, and so far it has worked out quite well. She loves what she does, and she has a great group of friends that support her in her quirky business endeavors.

The tables sort of turn, when she ends up at the grocery store and accidentally bumps into one of the hottest movie stars around, Alexander Young. He feels bad about making her fall, so he offers to take her out for coffee. Coffee leads to more dates, and soon she is going to his movie premiere. All is going great, until one of her clients asks to meet Alexander, so now Olivia has to choose between her business and this new man in her life.

I loved how fun and fast paced this book was, it was just really cute and it made me want to call Olivia so that I could meet my favorite celebrity! I loved reading about all the different types of meetings that she would set up for her clients, and how intricately she “researched” the celebrities. Her job sounds super awesome, and I kind of wish it was a real job (or maybe it is and we just don’t know about it?). This book would be perfect to take the beach or when you are hanging out by the pool with a cold drink. It was a blast to read. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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