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The Fire Inside


Before I say anything about the story, I just want to point out that the cover of this book is so astounding. I literally couldn’t stop staring at it for a while. Even the texture of the cover is something that you have to feel to believe. I love the quality of this book! I also want to thank Michelle Bellon for sending me a signed copy of The Fire Inside, I will treasure it forever.

Aiden is a family man, as well as an accountant. His wife Tess is a stay at home mom to their two and a half year old little boy, Anthony. Their lives are pretty close to perfect, and Tess has been thinking about going back to work while Anthony goes to day care. She just has to find the right daycare for her beloved son. On the way to a perspective day care, Tess and Anthony’s car gets struck head on by a semi truck. The two pass away on impact.

This leaves a hole inside of Aiden’s world. He becomes severely depressed, only living in the basement of his house because he can’t bare to see the remainder of the life he led before. Yet, he can’t get himself to sell the house and move on. The depression is so strong that he doesn’t even go outside for close to a year. Then one day he discovers that he has a gift, he has the gift to heal people with his hands. It comes about at random, one night when he is thinking of doing the unthinkable. Eventually Aiden decides that it is time to use his healing power to help people, rather than waste his talent in the basement. Eventually his name becomes apparent in every household in town.

Ryan is fourteen and lives by herself, she even has to drop out of school because her mother ran away to Vegas with her boyfriend. This leaves no time for Ryan to go to school, since she has to work to keep the bills paid. There is no telling when Ryan’s mom will come back, if she ever decides to. Ryan has to figure out how to get many any which way is possible, so she either breaks into peoples homes to steal things, or she needs to find a real job. It doesn’t matter to her as long as she can pay the rent and keep up the facade that she’s not basically an orphan.

Norma so desperately wants a baby. So much so that her marriage has become more of a science experiment than an intimate relationship. When her husband decides they need to separate, Norma starts to feel like her health is in danger. She’s getting heart palpitations and chest pains. Though the doctor claims that it is all in her head. Then one day, Norma hears about this magical doctor who can heal people with his hands, the heat is what he calls it.

In a strange twist of fate, all three of these characters become intertwined, and soon come to find out that maybe family isn’t always the people that you are blood related to, but people who care for you and want whats best for you in life. The one thing that I absolutely adored about this story, was that the gift that Aiden has was sort of a back drop to the intermingling relationships and the love for each other. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was an incredible read.

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