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Hidden Bodies


You by Caroline Kepnes was one of my favorite books of 2015. I really needed to know what came next for Joe after the end of the book, so when I got my hands on a copy of Hidden Bodies from Netgalley I was all too psyched to start reading it. Turns out, this book is utter crap. I could not wait for this book to be over for the simple fact that I wanted to be done reading it. It was chocked full of Joe having sex with random girls he meets in Hollywood, and how he is just “oh so great” at it. Plus, his awkward attempt at tracking down his not really ex-girlfriend Amy, so that he can kill her for taking his precious books, was a plot that could have been made so much better than it was laid out. Come on Joe, I was actually rooting for your psychotic killer ass in the first book, now you just seem like a pitiful baby boy that needs a pinky and his diaper changed.

I think this whole idea just got away from the author, she wanted to write more and more outlandish content, but really there’s just a point in time where it no longer works and it just sounds stupid. I think that maybe this story should have been left alone after You. That was an intense book, I was totally captivated by it, this one left me cringing from sheer ridiculousness.

One thing that I did enjoy about Hidden Bodies was the way that it is written. It’s exactly like the first book in that sense, which means that it’s all in Joe’s head. He sometimes rambles and gets off topic, which just seems so real and perfect. Though I hated the plot line, and I think Joe went soft in this book, there’s still no question that Caroline Kepnes is a great writer and I will most definitely pick up something that she writes in the future. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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