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Come to the Garden


This book was so beautiful, I really fell lighter and happier after reading it. This is an absolutely stunning book based on real events. Come to the Garden by Jennifer Wilder Morgan will leave you feeling like you’ve been touched by an angel. Not only does it show how angels are very much real and can give us guidance, but it also shows how sometimes we may not always see what is right in front of us.

Jennifer wakes up on her birthday, and she finds an angel sitting in her garden. This angel tells her that she is her Guardian Angel and her name is Margaret. Margaret has come to tell Jennifer that everything that she has been feeling, and the ways that she thought that God was speaking to her, are all true. She takes Jennifer through her life, to explain how God has been there for her through each step, and how he gave her guidance and love, even through the hard times.

This gives Jennifer much comfort, as it did me while I was reading it. I would really love to know the woman that this story is based on, and her what else she has to say. I love stories like this, I feel that they give me much excitement and really deepen my faith in the spiritual world. If you are looking for a book to make you feel whole, faithful, and loved then you definitely need to pick this one up. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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