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Whoa. This was a blast to read. Recognitions by Daniela I. Norris was incomparable to anything I have read in recent years. I do want to say though, that I don’t think the cover does it one bit of justice at all. Definitely try not to judge this book by it’s cover, because it is so much more than what it appears.

A woman named Amelia suffers from anxiety after her husband up and leaves her. First of all, I could totally understand what this woman was going through, as I suffer from anxiety myself. One of the things that she said in the book really hit home with me. As Amelia is on her way to meet a hypnotherapist, she says that she doesn’t know if she wants to get rid of her anxieties as they have sort of become part of her. This struck a cord with me, I have said that to my husband many times, so it was nice to see someone else who felt the same way as myself.

Amelia ends up going to the hypnotherapist anyway, and when she is put under hypnosis she has a vivid recollection of a girl named Adele, who is from France. This is just the beginning of many dreams and writings that she starts to experience revolving around this girl Adele.

Not only that, but there are things happening to her in her daily life that start to make her wonder if this is all connected, beginning with the return of someone from high school that she hadn’t seen in 20 years. She wasn’t ever really close to him, so she starts to wonder what he has to do with all of the things going on. Then everything just seems to connect from past to present, and in between. This was a stunning portrayal of past lives, interwoven and connected people, and learning to understand ones subconscious.

I don’t think I have heard of many books like this that involved an adult main character, so that was really refreshing to see. This was a mixture of psychology (which I am going to school for), and a little bit of history, fantasy, and religious undertones all rolled into one great book. This book really came to life for me, and for that I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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