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Waiting For You


Waiting For You by Allison Williford is a book that I would consider to be a New Adult romance novel. Kylie Lewis works as an advice columnist, who gets unwanted attention from a co-worker, she has a best friend named Cat who has been by her side since she was five years old, and the only blood relative she has left is her Mama.

While finally going to see her favorite band play live, Kylie drops her phone and Adam picks it up. Luckily, they have a chance run in and Adam gets the courage to speak to Kylie, only after putting his number into her phone. That exchange starts off a some-what romance, that is sort of lack-luster at best, and fizzles out while Kylie is dealing with things in her own life.

When Kylie finds out that her Mama has cancer, she is broken, she can’t function the way she used to, and her job suffers. Then Mama passes away, and Kylie is left alone, except for the secret that her mother tells her before she dies. With the help of Cat, Kylie is reunited with someone that she didn’t know existed. In the midst of all of this, Adam’s band starts to get more and more popular, which pushes Kylie away.

So, at first, I really liked this book because the characters were relatable and I could see them being typical 20 somethings, but then the story got really really boring and uneventful. The romance in this book was impossibly weak, and the problems they were facing seemed like the author didn’t even write about them, you were just supposed to assume that what happened after the chapter ended was common knowledge.

Not only that but the sub plot lines were so interesting, but they weren’t given much back story or continuation that made it really interesting, it sort of fizzled out. I had high hopes for this book at first, but I was definitely let down with how little the book went into detail. I just don’t understand how you could write a romance novel and not have ANY romance that was worthwhile. So, I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. The writing was good, the story lacked in plot and entertainment value, but if this book was tweaked even a little it could be great because the characters have potential they just need a little bit more meat.

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