Change of Heart


Change of Heart by Courtney Walsh is book 2 in a series called The Paper Hearts Series. I didn’t know this was a series, and reading it I could tell that it was missing some things that were probably explained in the first book, but over all it can definitely be read as a stand alone novel.

Evelyn is a senator’s wife, though she doesn’t really feel comfortable with that label. She’s not a “society woman” like the other wives that her husband wants her to mingle with. She feels better in her yoga pants and sweatshirts than she does all dressed up at parties or entertaining guests. Although she doesn’t enjoy that part of her life, she loves the comfort that her life offers her. That is until she gets a knock on the door from some detectives claiming that her husband has been embezzling money, and she must leave their home so that they can come in and go through all of Evelyn and her husbands things.

Come to find out, embezzling wasn’t the only thing that Evelyn’s husband was doing. Now, she has to figure out what she is going to do about her marriage, her home, and all of the other things that she had on her plate. The only thing that makes her feel even the slightest bit comfortable is hiding in her husbands ex-best friend, Trevor’s,  guest house. Even then, she doesn’t feel like she can let her hair down. What Evelyn doesn’t know that Trevor used to love her, and he may still.

Eventually she starts to get back into the things that she left behind when she married her husband, and she is even getting closer to Trevor. Can she put the past behind her and move on with her life? Does that mean she has to let Trevor go as well?

This was one of those romance novels that wasn’t very cheesy at all, it was a great story, a slow burning desire that kept me entranced through out the entire book. I really liked the writing as well, it made me feel all cozy. You know how much I love feeling all warm and fuzzy when I’m reading! 5 out of 5 star review for sure.


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