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The Beauty of the End


The cover of The Beauty of the End is absolutely stunning, from the author of The Bones of You Debbie Howells, comes a new fast paced thriller that will take you from past to present and everywhere in between when a man is forced to find the evidence that will help his ex-lover when she is arrested for murder.

When Noah receives a call that his ex girlfriend has been accused of murder, and now lays in a coma at the hospital, he wants to believe that she is innocent, and that someone is framing her for the murder. This ignites a fire under Noah, so he begins searching for evidence to clear April’s name.

In another story, we meet Ella who wants to find the answer to her own family issues, she is the same age that April was when Noah first met her, and when the two collide, she may hold the key to helping Noah solve the murder that April has been accused of doing.

Not being a fan of her first book, I would say that I liked this book a little bit more, but it wasn’t great by any means. I felt confused at the very beginning. I have an issue of when the author plunks you down in the middle of a story and all of the information is sort of up in the air, like you are just supposed to know it, instead of being given the information, and I have noticed that Debbie Howells does this in her books. Some people enjoy this type of writing, but I just need the information before I can set myself up to understand what is going on. I just think this book could have been much much more than it was, I enjoyed the convergence of the two stories, but other than that it was just an alright read for me. 3 out of 5 stars over here.



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