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Desire in the Arctic


With the same common theme of women as television producers, Desire in the Arctic by Stacy Hoff is the sequel to Desire in the Everglades, which I reviewed yesterday. As I stated in my last review, this is not my typical type of book, and I generally stay clear of hunky cover guys, but these books are so much more than their covers. Might I add as well, that I am a firm believer that people who read outside of their genres typically have a less biased review, because we don’t have much to compare our reviews to. On that note, I just want to say that Stacy, the author asked me to read these book and I am very happy that I did.

Like the first novel in the “Desire” series, the main character is a television producer, but this time it’s Ana. Ana likes to stay where she knows best, which is the city. She has never done much camping, or been out of town for anything, especially not living in the wilderness. Now she has to go to the arctic for almost two weeks, which she is sure she won’t survive.

Then she finds out she will be staying in the wilderness with a sexy survivalist named William, the two soon found out that they don’t have more to worry about being stuck in the arctic, than trying not to fall in love with each other.

I could see a lot of similarities between this book and the first in the series, but I think that I liked this book a little bit more. I felt like I could relate to Ana better, I am totally a city girl who has a country man for a husband, so we clash sometimes. Plus, I felt that the writing in this book was much better, and the characters were way more dimensional. William wasn’t just a sexy hunk in this book, he had personality and heart. I thought this was a great story, and would love to read others from this author. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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