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A Mind of Your Own


When I was offered to review this book, I thought it would be a great reference and advice book to read. As you may now, I have suffered from depression for a while, and I have had anxiety for almost my entire life. I went into this book thinking it would help me, and help me by not having to use chemicals to create a mind that is happy, health and clear. What I read in this book, I felt, was a lot of “trendy” thing and jargon that I can’t subscribe to. To me, A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, is a book about spending a ton of money on everything “organic” and “gluten free” and if you do that-then you will be happy. To me, excuse my French, but that’s all bullshit.

This book really just rubbed me the wrong way. While I do think that diet, exercise, relationships and mental health all are a HUGE factor in dealing with depression, I don’t subscribe to the idea that if you use organic mattresses, and eat gluten free pasta, that you will all of a sudden be “cured” of your depression. That is exactly the type of advice that was in this book. I do understand that using organic materials can be healthier for your home and for your life, but this book made me feel as if the author was telling us that if we don’t go out RIGHT NOW and buy everything organic and gluten free and with no GMO materials then we will automatically live happier.

I really don’t feel like going on more about this book. I was really sad that it wasn’t the type of book I was looking for. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars.

Here is an incredible website that can help you with your anxiety: BetterHelp

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