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Hearing Thoughts


In his debut novel Hearing Thoughts, Anthony Diffley tells the story of Danny Burke. Danny is a lawyer set to prosecute a man charged with murdering his wife. Everything in the trial seems to be going smoothly, though they can’t seem to find any evidence that the man had anything to do with the murder. There’s no body, and the man claims his wife ran off with another man. Then, the trial is put on hold. Danny and his friends take the time off to head to the lake and do some fishing together.

While at the lake, something extremely unexpected happens. Danny is abducted by aliens. These aliens tell him that they are 8,000 years ahead of us on earth, and they only want to do research to see how advanced human kind actually is compared to them. Danny returns to the lake house, and doesn’t remember anything. The only thing he knows is that his friends went looking for him and he wasn’t where they thought he would be. Now, he doesn’t remember many hours of his life. All he knows now is that he can hear peoples thoughts.

Those thoughts include the man that he is set to prosecute. When the trial begins again, the man sits there thinking about how he killed his wife, and where her body is. Danny takes it upon himself to tell investigators where that body is going to be located, and they then continue the case. After this happens, the CIA gets involved with Danny-they know he can read minds, and there are others like him.

Now, Danny is curious about his new abilities and wonders if he should use them for good or evil. Eventually he starts to work with the CIA to catch the bad guys. On the flip side, Noah the alien that abducted Danny in the first place, has to come back to earth to try and get the nano nerves he left in Danny’s brain back, before his leader finds out that he accidentally left them in. Since Danny is now working with the CIA, he is no longer easy to find.

When Danny and his girlfriend get kidnaped, he has to use his abilities to get them out of a situation that could cost him and his girlfriends life.

This was a decent story, but I felt that it was very stiff and matter of fact. I loved the plot, and really genuinely enjoyed the fact that we got to read about the alien’s point of view on the whole story. I just wish that the characters had more depth, and the story was more emotional. All in all this book was decent, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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