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Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection


The Jamie Quinn Mystery collection are books that I would consider cozy mysteries. Every cozy mystery I have ever read has been a fast paced, fun and thrill filled book, and these books were definitely no different. The first book in the series is called Death By Didgeridoo, which sounds exotic and funny, the second book The Case of the Killer Divorce makes you wonder who dunnit, right? And lastly the third book in the Jamie Quinn series is Peril in the Park, which sounds like something you would see on the local news. The author Barbara Venkataraman asked if I would like to review these books, and so I said yes.

I really liked that these books were shorter, so it was easy to breeze through them but you also don’t feel like you missed any of the story. The first book Death By Didgeridoo introduces us to Jamie Quinn, who is a family lawyer, helping people get through divorces as unscathed as possible. Jamie is also trying to grieve the loss of her mother, so her law office is sort of put on the back burner, and her new favorite activity is staying in bed most of the day.

When her aunts calls to tell her that her cousin has been arrested for murder, Jamie jumps at the chance to prove that her cousin is anything but a murderer. Jamie partners up with Duke, who is a former client, and they set about figuring out the real killer behind the mystery.

In the second book, The Case of the Killer Divorce Jamie is finally back at work at the law office, and when she hears that one of her clients has become a suspect in a murder she teams up with Duke again to solve the mystery. I really enjoyed this one, because the twists were something that you didn’t see coming, and it also cracked me up.

The last book Peril in the Park, was probably my least favorite of all three. Jamie’s boyfriend is having issue with the parks around town. When Jamie’s boyfriend goes missing, it seems like her problems just keep getting bigger and bigger. This book was funny as well, I just got a little bored reading about the parks and felt like it could have been something more exciting.

All in all I thought this collection of books was fun, fast paced, and entertaining. I would definitely continue on with this series once it comes out, and I love that the books are short so I can read it while doing other things but still be fully immersed in the story. I give these books 4 out of 5 stars as a collection, but if I had to divvy it up. The first two books would get 5 stars, and the third would get 3 stars.


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