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How to Look Happy


How to Look Happy is a new romantic comedy-esque novel by best selling author Stacey Wiedower. I was gracious asked by the author to review this book, which of course I said yes to!

Jenn, once a beloved interior designer has been dumped by her fiancé,  and trashed by her boss all in one day. That leaves Jenn with a major hole to fill in her life, instead of filling it with love and other constructive things, Jenn takes it upon herself to get ridiculously drunk on cocktails and start drunk-booking (for those who don’t know what that means, it’s Facebooking when you’re drunk).

Over the course of this book, we see that Jenn has a really hard time with the image that she portrays on social media. Her main goal is to showcase how perfect her life is, and how she is always right on track to where she needs to be. So when the drunken status creates even more issues for her at work, she feels like her life has fallen apart. Not only is social media a huge hot button for her, but she can’t seem to get out of the rabbit hole of dating crappy guys. Every time she tries to change her image on social media, it seems that it does the exact opposite of what she wanted it to do in real life.

When her ex-fiance, one of the towns most eligible bachelors, starts to re-enter her life just when she thinks she’s going to fall apart even more, she finally decides she’s had enough of trying to figure life out and control it when it clearly can’t be controlled. When she finally drops the controller hat, a wonderful man walks into her life, someone she didn’t expect and the person who can make her believe that you can’t map out every instance of your life after all.

The book is the perfect example of how people want to appear more than we actually are on social media, as opposed to our real lives. We crop photos, we use filters to try and look better, and we use different angles to make sure our double chin isn’t in the picture. This book is a good lesson to show that social media isn’t real life, and the mentality that social media rules us, can mess up our real lives in big ways. This book was fun, funny, and has a great lesson. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

1 thought on “How to Look Happy”

  1. This sounds like such a fun book. And what a quirky title. I’ll get it for my mum when it launches here. It’s right up her alley.


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