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The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett


It seems like nothing can go right for Rosy Bennett in this new novel by the author Jan Birley. The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett tells the tale of Rosy, immediately before and after her husband passes away on a subway. Her day starts out ordinary enough, but ends with the sad realization that Rosy’s husband has died, and she is left to pick up the pieces from their life together.

This is the story of how through the midst of losing her husband, Rosy finds out that he actually lived a secret life. This secret life has led to many thousands of dollars in debt, which now belongs to Rosy. She has to figure out how to swim out of this, get on with her life, while also picking up the pieces that her husband left behind.

Okay, while I typically love diverse books and books from authors who are not from the same country as myself, the British slang in this book was really hard to get over. I could barely understand half of what I was reading, which made the book something that felt more like a chore than an actual delight to read. The concept of this book is stunningly beautiful yet heart breaking. If the book was tweaked to incorporate other audiences, I think this could be a hit. For now though, I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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