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Waking Amy


Waking Amy by Julieann Dove is an eye opening novel about keeping love, losing love, and what it means to love yourself enough to let go. This was a very eye opening women’s fiction, slightly romance novel, about Amy, who is sort of breezing through her relationship, and through life, until an accident happens and she’s forced to face her marriage and all it’s faults.

Amy is a good girl, her and her husband Wesley only have sex every other Saturday. But he doesn’t mind, or does he? After some women at work sort of poke fun at Amy for being such a goody goody, she decides to go out and buy some lingerie, make a nice dinner for her husband, and try to get that electricity back into their relationship.

Until she walks into the kitchen to find a note that her husband had left her before he left for work that morning, he’s leaving her, and theres nothing she can do about it. Terrified, upset, and still in her lingerie and high heels, Amy can’t believe what is happening. Then the phone rings, and it’s the hospital. Her husband, who just left her, has been in an accident and he’s in a coma. Great. Could this day get any worse for Amy?

At her husband’s side, Amy starts to realize all of the things that she did wrong with her marriage, and in her life. She loves her husband, and she really wants their relationship to get back on track. That is if he wakes up. She just needs some help to get her love life back in order, then Wesley’s doctor shows up, and he’s a gorgeous, single man. One that is igniting parts in Amy that haven’t been lit in a long, long time.

Now Amy has to decide whether she’s going to obey her husbands wishes of separating, and get with the handsome new doctor, or if she is going to stick it out with her husband if and when he ever wakes up. This was a wonderful first book in a new series, and even though it talks about many different issues, it’s a light hearted and often times funny read. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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