Most Wanted


Typically for me, Lisa Scottoline novels are a hit or miss. Some of them I absolutely love, and some of them are just not my style. This one, Most Wanted, was available on Netgalley so I snatched it up. I am so happy I did. This story was unique, suspenseful, heart wrenching and everything that I needed in my life at that moment. This book comes out today, so you should definitely pick it up if it seems like something that you would want to read.

Christine and her husband, Marcus, had a hard time getting pregnant, so they decided to find the perfect sperm donor. Donor 3319 seemed like as close to perfect as they could get, so they set up the appointment and finally found to that Christine is expecting.

It’s been two months, and it’s the last day of school for Christine, who is a teacher at an elementary school. She decided that she wouldn’t continue teaching while pregnant, so it may be a while until she sees her friends and students once again. They throw her a wonderful congratulations/going away party, which seems to be going perfectly fine. Until one of her co-workers turns on the television, and she sees the face of their donor. He has just been arrested for murdering a nurse, and this isn’t his first murder either.

Christine tells her husband about it, and shows him the video. He just doesn’t believe that the two guys look that much alike, and doesn’t believe that the odds are really that great that it’s the same person. Christine just cannot let it go. Eventually she decides to find out the answers for herself, so she goes to visit the suspected donor 3319 in prison, and the answers she receives may surprise her, and she must come face to face with the question of if her child’s biological father is a serial killer, what does that make her unborn baby?

I didn’t put this book down from the time I opened it, until I found out all the answers. I really enjoyed this book, it scared me, it made me ask questions, and it got me talking to my husband about big issues as well. I loved it, 5 out of 5 stars.


5 thoughts on “Most Wanted

  1. I find Lisa Scottoline hit and miss too but I really liked the sound of this one so I bought it. I’m so pleased to read that you found it to be one of her better reads – it’s making me even more keen to read it soon!


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