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Holding Out for a Hero


Laughable, yet sometimes dark, Holding Out for a Hero by Victoria Van Time is a nostalgia filled book about first loves, and coming to terms with growing up (and growing old), growing out of the past, and getting along with yourself.

Libby is obsessed with the 80’s, kind of like how I am with the 90’s, usually your adolescent and teen years stick with you because you have so many formative situations that happen in those years, but Libby can’t seem to step out of the 80’s at all. This is a little bit crazy to her friends, and they try to help her out. They try to get her into a more 21st century style and push her into dating again.

From the get go, this book looks like a really light easy read. It’s actually a lot deeper, and talks about issues like depression and anxiety. You know I always find a special place in my heart for books like this. I thought this book was alright, it’s not one of my favorites. It was interesting to learn about the 80’s in more depth, and to feel nostalgic again, but I thought Libby was kind of a biotch. The 80’s thing got old after a while, which was intentional it just got to be too much. I wish that Libby was a more likable character, but that’s what depression does to a person.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, it was good but it wasn’t one of my favorites that I read this year.


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