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The Moral Line


After her husband wants a divorce, Alexandria is left in the cold in the not so innocent book The Moral Line by Vanessa Bogenholm. What price will Alexandria pay when she decides that morals aren’t really that big of a deal when you don’t have the money or means to support yourself.

Left with nothing, she decides to become a call girl for men with lots of money. That sounds very intriguing to her at first, and Alexandria eventually changes her name to Catherine in hopes that no one will find out who she really is. Once she starts to get pack on her feet Alexandria (now known as Catherine) wants to give back to her community. She starts to buy things for the homeless, and provide people with the things that they would be lacking. The only thing is, she has been buying all of this stuff with the money she has made from sleeping with many different men, she can’t decide if that’s the right thing to do or not.

Through out this entire book, you can see Alexandria wrestling with her inner demons, and trying to put on a brave face as she faces the world, but in the end she really has to sit down with herself and decide if what she is doing is right, and if she really wants to keep giving a piece of herself to these men that don’t care one way or another about her.

This book was pretty sexual and definitely not for younger readers, but at the same time it sort of has an interesting message in it. Of all the books I’ve read like this, I have never run across a character that started to fall for each and every client that she took, so that was an interesting addition to the story. I wasn’t too fond of Alexandria as a person, she seemed to be very into herself at the beginning, and then as she continued on her journey it seemed like I was supposed to like her but still didn’t. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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