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Summer of Me

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Summer of Me by Angela Benson is a book that a lot of us women, wives and mothers need to read. It’s a book about putting ourselves first sometimes. All of us tend to work hard, give ourselves to others, and run ourselves ragged. This book is about a woman who has the opportunity to find herself again, and get back on her feet so that she can make something of herself. At first she is reluctant, but eventually she takes the challenge, and although it was hard she persevered and made it work for her.

Destiny works at a department store as the cosmetics manager, which is a good job, but she needs something else. She wants to move her and her twin six year olds to a new house so they can be closer to their father, and a better school. She would have to get another job if she wanted to do it though, and she just can’t find the time to work even more while raising kids.

When the kids go to their fathers for the summer, Destiny feels like she is going to finally get a chance to save some money in order to move. Her mother and friends suggest that maybe she should go back to school, that way her arrangement wouldn’t be temporary, and she could get a better job so that she can see her kids more and create a life for them that she had always wanted. Destiny is afraid to move forward, and she relies a lot on the twins’ dad for income, which she doesn’t really like but feels is necessary. After much poking and prodding from her mom and her friends, Destiny decides it’s time to go back and get that degree she put on hold all those years ago.

With that, she also decides to start dating, which comes with it’s own set of problems. Over all this was a really cute book, and it was a quick fun read. The only issue I had with it, was in a particular part of the book. Now, every one of us is going to have our own view on this so let me explain. Destiny finds out that she isn’t going to receive child support from the kids’ father, because he is taking care of them for the entire summer. I find this to be a completely reasonable idea, considering Destiny won’t need the money because the kids will be taken care of by their father. She doesn’t see it that way, and gets upset with him because he’s not sending money. This made my skin crawl. I feel that as a woman/mother whatever, you need to be able to support your household and pay your own bills. Child support is for taking care of your kids, and while I do agree that having a roof over their head and electricity is necessary, it shouldn’t come to the point where the mother won’t have basic needs if the child support isn’t paid. At this point in the book I felt that Destiny was acting rather childish and entitled, and actually stopped really rooting for her. Beyond that, she sort of came out of her whole “everything is about me” attitude toward the end. This book was pretty good, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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