Keep Me Posted


I absolutely adore the concept of this book. Two sisters, half way across the world from each other, decide to abandon modern day technologies in exchange for hand written letters. The purpose is to try and delve deeper into each other and learn about each other by using more than just tweets or status updates. I graciously received this book, Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beasley from the publisher, after requesting it a couple of months ago.

Cassie is the mother of three year old twin boys, lives in New York with her husband Leo. Cassie is a stay at home mom after leaving her job when carrying for her twins got to be too much for the nanny. Her sister, Sidney lives in Singapore with her children and husband. Sid has a teenager as well as younger children, who don’t see her husband much as he is always working, but the money that he makes is pretty good.

The sister’s letters are very intimate, and they accidentally get published online which causes a stir between the girls and the two separate communities that they live in. Other than that happening, this book was actually kind of boring. I mean, this part of the story didn’t even happen until around 200 pages into the book. Besides that, the book basically took the reader through the minuite of being a mom of three year olds. I could have told this story myself, seeing as how I have a toddler. It got to the point where I was rolling my eyes because I wanted the story to continue, I didn’t want to hear about Cassie stepping in a pile of poop for three pages. There was one “scandal” in which Cassie kisses an ex-boyfriend, but even that fell flat.

Like I said, the concept of this book was beautiful but the actual book was just 350 pages of nothing special. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Keep Me Posted

  1. You’re right, the concept of the book sounds really good, it’s sad that it fell flat in the end! I loved ‘And God Created the Au Pair’ and this sounded similar – I would love more books with this concept.


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