Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife


Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife by Ruth A. Tucker is the courageous story of a woman who found her way out of a abusive marriage. When I first picked up this book, I thought it was going to be a chronological story, explaining what happened to the woman, and taking us from the beginning of her marriage through to the end. What I read was more of a “hopping around” between what she learned from being in an abusive marriage, to other peoples stories, to scripture, and some of her own personal accounts.

I found this to be incredibly hard to read, and not because of the violent parts of the book. It was hard to read because it jumped around from different person to different person, and half the time I had no idea who the narrator was talking about. I really wanted to read this book because I thought it would be a really great learning point and talking point for when I become a counselor after I finish school, but what I learned from this book is that I don’t know what I just read. Unfortunately, I feel as if this book isn’t really a story of finding hope after domestic abuse, and more a tale of other people telling the author that she should have stuck it out, and her pushing against that advice.

There are other books out there that have much better content than this book. Unfortunately even though this book has some really dark parts, and I am very sorry that this woman had to go through the things that she did, it’s just not a good book. There’s just nothing in it that made me feel like I wanted to pass it on to a friend, or tell anyone about it. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars. I received this book from Booklook Bloggers.

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