My Love/Hate Relationship with Booktube


I have recently been really getting into the idea of BookTube. Which is basically a portion of YouTube where people talk about books…obviously. I have found some really great content creators along the way, and I have found some really good books that people have recommended. I really enjoy hearing about the diverse books that people read, what they think of certain popular books, and even different tags and Top 10’s with different categories every week.

Even though I love books, and I love watching BookTube, I have come to find that sometimes I can’t stand it, and sometimes I just want to yell at my computer or phone when I’m watching these videos. The reason for this is that it seems every single content creator or “Booktuber” talks about THE SAME DAMN BOOKS. I get it that some books are very popular, for example the Throne of Glass series or Lady Midnight, and I get that everyone wants to read it and talk about it, but holy hell. There are literally thousands upon thousands of videos talking about these books. It is a very rare occasion when I find a Booktuber who doesn’t talk about just the popular books, but also eclectic, maybe older, more mature books that I really want to hear about.

I’m not saying that I don’t jump on the bandwagon sometimes and read books that are the next big thing, but I don’t want to pop open my subscription box and find 10 videos about the same book…and the same people talking about the same book for 3 months. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t read popular books, I’m just saying I wish that the bigger Booktubers would consider finding new books to talk about.

I have actually unsubscribed to a lot of people because it seems like all they do is talk about certain books, and it gets SO BORING. If you are looking for some new Youtubers to check out, here are some that I find interesting because they don’t always talk about the same type of books:




and my all time fave: TheBookHoarder

Do you know of any Booktubers that don’t just talk about the typical, popular YA book? I would love to hear about them!



3 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Booktube

  1. Thank you for your recommendations, I will definitely go check them out.
    I was going to recommend Jean BookishThoughts as well. She studies ancient greek/antiquities (something like that) and gives some great recommendations on classics, ancient history books, but also short story collections. She is also running a feminist book club. Another one you may like is MercysBooksishMusings. Most of the books she picks up I have never heard of before. She reads a wide variety of things, but hardly ever the overhyped books.


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