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On a recent trip to the library, I picked up a couple of different books. Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie was among those, and this is a book that I had seen a couple of times before but never picked up for one reason or another. Whenever I go to the library I try to pick up books from different genres, because you never know which genre is going to strike you when you get home!

Anyway, this book was interesting but sort of iffy for me. First, the plot was really interesting. Emma is a lawyer who is on her way to becoming partner at her law firm. When her mother passes, she leaves a plane ticket and a request for Emma to go to Africa-since that’s where she always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Emma is hesitant, but after much soul searching decides to take the trip.

Emma ends up getting very sick on her trip, and with that and an earthquake happening in the town she is staying in-she ends up not being able to contact anyone for six months. Which means that everyone in her life thinks she’s dead. She is finally able to go back home, and her apartment is gone,  her friends and boyfriend have moved on, and her job has been taken over by her worst enemy.

This is where the book started to get iffy for me. Okay, I really like the plot and I think it’s interesting to see how Emma will adapt to her new life back at home BUT the dialogue that she has with people is so not natural that it was almost laughable and made me want to close the book. This is how some of the dialogue would go, and I’m not exaggerating, maybe paraphrasing but definitely not exaggerating. “Oh, you are alive?” “Yes.” “Wow.” or “Hey, you are alive?” “Yes”. “Why didn’t you call me and tell me? I’m so mad at you for not being dead.” LIKE REALLY? There are no real emotions behind this, imagine if you found a loved one that you thought was dead was really alive? You would be overjoyed! You would be so excited to be able to see that person again you would run and hug them, touch them to make sure they are real. None of this happened. Either people were lackluster about her return, or they were pissed off that she hadn’t talked to them in six months.

Other than that, this book was pretty good. I liked following the story but the dialogue and character development needed a lot of work. All in all I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.


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