When it Matters Most


Simon is a pastor, who doesn’t really seem to care about the words that he is saying in front of his church goers. He doesn’t really seem to care much about anything besides drinking. Even his daughter doesn’t want much to do with him anymore. This is When it Matters Most by Keven Fletcher.

After giving a eulogy for yet another deceased person, Simon gets a knock on his office door. Simon realizes that he has no idea who this person is that came to his office, or why she is there. The only thing that really bothered him was that she was so mysterious, yet so wise. That’s not where it ends though, after each new eulogy, he gets a visit from another mysterious person,and it just keeps happening.

Through out this book, we see tastes of all different types of religions, and all different types of backgrounds and families. It is a book about how relationships work, and how one person might see something that another person sees in a totally different way.

Personally, I didn’t like this book and thought it was actually rather boring. The idea of it is intense and sounds beautiful, but the over use of big words and pretentious writing made it almost impossible to read and I definitely didn’t think that the content deserved that much large vocabulary. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.


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