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Books I Was OBSESSED With as a Kid


Did you have those books you read over and over again as a child? I had a few books that I would read until they were falling apart, and I wanted to share some of them with you guys!

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

by Louis Sachar


I was honestly devoted to this book, and would read it ALL of the time. I still have such fond memories of the weird and crazy stories that are in this book. I actually want to read it right now!

Morgan’s Zoo

by James Howe


This was just a sweet book about a guy who works at a zoo. I would read it all of the time, to the point where the spine was pretty much pointless lol.


By Roald Dahl


I could not get enough of this one! I read it over and over. I am beyond excited that there is a movie coming out about this book, and hope it lives up to my expectations.

Ella Enchanted

by Gail Carson Levine


I remember picking this up at a school book fair one day and never putting it down. I loved it, and I have not watched the movie with Anne Hathaway because I feel it won’t be as wonderful as this book.

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

by Beverly Cleary


I adored every book in this series, but this was the very best book. I read this over and over.


by Judy Blume


This was just a wonderful story about a boy named Fudge and his clever ways of getting in and out of trouble. Adore it, miss it, wish I could re-read it for the first time.

So, I tried to use all the original book covers that I remember from when I was growing up. They all, as far as I know, have had cover changes since then, but if you are interested in any of these books I feel that they are timeless and will add a wonderful nostalgic feeling to your collection. As a matter of fact, I really want to go and buy these to add to my sons collection of books!

What were some of your favorite books as a kid?


5 thoughts on “Books I Was OBSESSED With as a Kid”

  1. I loved Ella Enchanted (still do actually) but I did watch the movie. Big mistake, really big mistake. It wasn’t only the fact the movie of the book is never quite as you imagine it but it wasn’t even a good adaptation (like the Harry Potter movies). As a movie on its own, it was pretty ridiculous, but as a movie of that book – it was ten times worse.

    I read so many Enid Blyton books, but especially the St Clare’s series, when I was a kid. I think I might still have them somewhere.


  2. The Moomin books by Tove Jansson. I love them still!
    The adventures series by Willard Price (taught me a lot about animals).
    Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, and her various boarding school series.


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