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Blaming the Wind


I don’t know if you would consider this novel to be “Women’s Fiction”, but if it is, it is a really interesting and quite unique take on a women’s fiction novel. I absolutely adored this book. Blaming the Wind by Alessandra Harris was sent to me by the author Alessandra, in exchange for an honest review. Just by the cover alone, I was hooked. I have a passion for books about women who are struggling with life, family, relationships, marriage, kids etc. I think the reason for that is because I can be like “Wow, I ain’t so bad”, lol I know that sounds terrible, but it really does put life into perspective and creates a space where I can delve into another dramatic world and leave my own.

Now on to the synopsis. There are several different perspectives in this novel, and there are two different families involved. First there is Sophia and Terrence, who have been trying to have a baby for a while, well at least Terrence has. Sophia just finally got off her birth control after lying to Terrence about being off of it. She finds out she’s pregnant, and sort of hides it from her husband. When he finds out he is very upset, and runs to their neighbors house. The neighbors who just happen to be their best friends, and the other side of the story.

Across the way is Josh and Tara, who have three beautiful little girls. Tara works in a law firm, and Josh is a stay at home dad after messing up his back. Tara resents Josh in a way, because she feels he doesn’t do his part, and Josh resents Tara because she never seems to be home. Soon, Tara starts to have a secret affair, and shit hits the fan so to say. When Tara starts to hear voices in her head, and believe that her father is going to come after her, things start to take a turn for the worse. Tara almost harms herself and her entire family, and must be taken to the hospital in order to stop herself.

The two families mingle, fight, lean on each other, and push each other away through out this novel. There is so much more to this book that I can’t even get into here. There are so many levels to each of these characters that it felt like I was reading a real life story, with a twist. I loved this book, the only issue I had with it was how fast Tara’s mental issues came on-I feel like to sound more real-her mental issues should have been present at the beginning of the novel, but other than that I really enjoyed this book and think it creates a lot of talking points for women to talk to their husbands about, or their friends. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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