Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish-Children’s Book


¡Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay is a fun, yet education look into the Spanish language. I have taken five years of Spanish, so when Judy asked if I would review this book I was more than delighted! Though it may seem like it’s a little bit much to take on, this book is actually very interesting and it makes learning Spanish fun.

We meet Pete, who is going to take us on a trip to Mexico so that we can learn what Mexican people do, and how they speak. We learn phrases such as ¿Que Tal? and Te llamo…. Plus there are many different ways of learning in this book, for example we learn the days of the week, and we also learn about Mexican and Spanish culture. You can also learn how to make a Mexican mask, and even songs. It’s more than just a “text book” it’s a fun work book that can be read over and over again.

If you are a person that isn’t versed in Spanish, but still want to check out this book, there is a website that parents, teachers, librarians, or anyone can go to in order to read along with the book, learn the phrases and words, before you try and teach your child. The website is http://www.polyglotkidz.com. My son and I had a lot of fun looking at this book, and I think that you will too. He’s a little young for it now, but we will definitely keep this book for a long time and re-visit it as the years go on. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was really fun and it actually taught me a couple of new words and phrases too!

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