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The Turning Point


The Turning Point by Freya North is an adult fiction book about two people on opposite sides of the world, whose lives sort of line up in mysterious ways. Once they find each other, they take a chance that could lead them on a different path completely.

Frankie is a single mother, and also a children’s book author. She has to figure out the next idea for her new children’s book, but can’t seem to get the story flowing. She heads to London in search of answers for her book, and to also go to a big meeting with her publishers. While there, she has a chance encounter with Scott, who is a single father from Canada, they don’t mean to keep bumping into each other, but it happens more than once and those chance encounters turn into a very quick and passionate one night stand.

The one night stand turns into a passionate love that carries them through Scott going back to Canada to take care of his daughter. The couple must now figure out how to deal with long distance, and the struggles that any relationship carries with it.

Seems simple ,right? Exactly. For how long this book was, it was just too simple for me to really enjoy it all that much. I thought that the characters were daft, and they all seemed to have the same sort of personality. I got bored quickly, yet still read it in hopes that it would get better. It was a decent book, it just lacked a ton of deeper character development and story development that I was hoping for in such a chunky book. Also, one of the thing that I really don’t like is when authors write characters from different parts of the world, and yet they still use slang that’s from the authors native country. It takes some of that authenticity away, and I couldn’t get behind the fact that Scott was Canadian yet talked like he was from England.

I have never read a Freya North book, and unfortunately this book turned me off from her other work. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. I received this book from TLC book tours in exchange for an honest review.

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