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Finding Poppies


Finding Poppies by Vicki B. Williamson is a mix between a thriller book, a suspense novel, and a romance, all three genre mix together so well to make a book that you won’t want to put down until you reach the last page. There are so many turns and twists with in this story, that I sometimes didn’t even know which way was up. Not only was the story intriguing, but it was obvious that Vicki is very knowledgeable about what she writes, which made the book that much more entertaining.

Ellen works at a museum, where she really likes to get into the art and learn as much as she can about the artists and the pieces. One day she is just working her shift as usual, when she stumbles upon a dead body, at first she isn’t sure what’s going on, but it becomes evident that the body is of a person who has been murdered. After she discovers that there is an artifact missing as well, she begins a search for the truth behind the murder and the robbery.

On her mission to figure out what’s really going on, she starts to fall for the man that’s helping her, who just happens to be a police officer. Ellen changes from a regular woman to a woman on a mission, and I really liked this book. It was very heart pounding, and it gave me the impression that I was right there with the characters. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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