Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most


You know those authors that write books you just have to read? The ones where you don’t even care what the book is about, you just pick it up and start to dive in? I have a couple of those authors, and I am not afraid to admit that I have blindly read quite a few of their books just because their names are on it. Here are the ten authors that I’ve read the most:

Jodi Picoult


There is just something about Jodi Picoult that makes me smile. I love her books, she has a way of creating different scenarios that are thought provoking, new and exciting. I have read probably every one of these books, some I have like more than others. I discovered Jodi when I was in high school, and still love her books to this day.

Stephen King


First of all, this is an awesome picture! Second, Stephen King has been my horror go to author for many many years. I love his books. I have not read them all, which is really exciting. I can’t wait to find myself between the pages of another one of his books.

Diane Chamberlain


Like Picoult, I love the fact that Diane Chamberlain can create novels around some ordinary things, but make them extraordinary. There is always something magical and new in her books. Another thing that I love about her, is that she is so open to her fans on social media. I have followed her on Facebook for quite some time, and she’s always asking her fans for advice on her novels, and she’s always commenting on her fans comments as if they are friends. She is a sweet woman, who writes amazing stories.

Sarah Dessen 


I am pretty all over the place when it comes to the authors I like, and I know that. Sarah Dessen has been one of my favorite authors since I was young. I am pretty sure I read the first book by her when I was in my early teens. I still have her books on my shelf to this day. Even though I may be older now, her books still hold a true place in my heart.

Nicholas Sparks


I read my first Nicholas Sparks book many years ago. I believe I was a teenager, and that book was Nights in Rodanthe. Though the book was a little mature for me, I just felt a spark (ha get it), with his writing and continued to search out his books. I know that some people do not like Nicholas Sparks books because they seem cliche, which I agree that some do (The Choice is one of those books), but a lot of his earlier works are incredible.

Jennifer Weiner


(All of her books are not pictured)

Just so you know, it’s pronounced Winer, not weiner hehe. I love Jennifer’s books. There is just something about them that makes me feel at home. I love that she writes about many different things. In Her Shoes is one of my favorites, and probably the most popular. It was even made into a movie. Her most recent book All Fall Down is about a woman who is struggling with substance abuse, and it’s a wonderful read.

R.L. Stine


I could never pass up the chance to put R.L. Stine on a list! I’ve loved his books since I was little, and I still love them today. Nothing much else to say about that!

Kristin Hannah


(I couldn’t find a picture of all of her books, so I chose my favorite)

I have been reading Kristin Hannah books for years! I love the way she creates her characters, they are all so real and deep. I have yet to read her newest novel, though it is sitting on my shelf.

Lisa Scottoline


(Not all books are pictured)

Though I do have issues with some of Lisa’s books, I really love the way she can twist and turn a story any which way to make it come to life.

Anita Shreve


Light on Snow is one of my favorite books, and The Pilot’s Wife is also a real winner. Anita writes wonderfully and she really makes readers think, feel and be in the story. I love her books and always search her out when I go to the library and bookstore.

Many of these are women’s fiction authors, but what can I say? I’m a woman and I like fiction! Feel free to let me know if you have read any of these authors, or authors that you have read the most from!


4 thoughts on “Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most

  1. If you like Stephen King and the horror genre (of course!) then you should definately try Dean Koontz’s The Taking and his books. They are great for a horror lover! And I agree with you on Nicholas Sparks, he is good with romance (though I’ve read only The Notebook and The Lucky One)

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  2. I didn’t even realize Stephen King’s face was in that photo at first, and it actually made me jump when I looked back and saw it ahaha! I’m hoping to gradually get into his books, I’ve only read one so far but own a few more so hopefully soon I will 🙂


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