DC Trip


If you ever wanted to read the book form of Bridesmaids or the YA PG-13 version of Springbreakers then DC Trip by Sara Benincasa is just the ticket. This book was full of raunchy fun, hilarious hijinks and plenty of teenaged girls getting in trouble in DC and learning lessons they didn’t even know they needed to learn (and from very unlikely sources).

I took this book out from the library after I heard about it from some book tuber, not sure which one, and I was really looking forward to reading it. I heard it was funny, but I wasn’t expecting how dirty this book could get at times. It’s definitely a book for older kids, but it’s still young at heart. There’s one part in this book that tells the story of the first night the two teachers Ms. Deats and Mr. Kenner meet, and it had me cracking up so hard I had to send a picture of the page to my husband so I could laugh with someone.

Taking a trip to DC isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not easy when you have a group of high schoolers going with you. Ms. Deats tells this story through a flashback in a letter to a friend who is planning on taking the same trip, and she uses it as a warning that things may not always go as planned (and you might get some really exciting new relationships out of it), but the stories were so funny, so random and out there that this book just uplifted my spirits.

When you get to know Gertie, Sivan, and Rachel, you will find yourself wishing you were sixteen again. They just had so much fun on the trip (not going to tell you what they did, you have to find out for yourself), but they were such smart, real characters that I wished i was part of their group.

Now, it was really hard to tell who this book was aimed for, but I think that was the fun of it. I found things that I could relate to, and I know that teenagers and younger 20 somethings could also find things to relate to. Due to the fact that it does have some adult themes, it may not be good for younger teens to read. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, I really had fun on this trip to DC.

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